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  • Filling: 600gsm high-loft premium grade-A recycled bottle microfiber; extra edge fill to reduce edge sag
  • Outer: 100% premium white japara cotton outer with elastic stretch fitted skirt for a tidy bed-making finish
  • Allergy: hypo-allergenic
  • Care: Gentle machine wash; use Dreamticket DuoPlus mattress protector on top
  • Sustainability: Made from recycled bottles
  • Carton Qty: x3
  • Hospitality Rating: 4-5 Star

Loft Comfort Mattress Topper - 600gsm

  • A 600gsm DreamGreen loft comfort topper can give an older mattress a new lease on life or a firm-ish mattress an element of softness and luxury! Enhancing your guests sleep experience by adding a loft comfort topper to the bed makes for an unforgettable stay and raving reviews!

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