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  • Profile: Medium loft
  • Weight: 700gms
  • Size: Standard 46 x 72cm
  • Filling: 3D foam core wrapped in soft polyester fibre
  • Outer: 100% premium cotton cover
  • Allergy: hypo-allergenic
  • Care: Use a pillow protector, gentle warm or cold wash only if required
  • Carton Qty: x10
  • Hospitality Rating: 4-5 Star pillow menu option

Foam Core Firm Pillow

SKU: BD2378
  • Your chance to appeal to the ‘discerning guest’ who appreciates a selection of firm and soft sleeping pillows on offer in the bedroom!  Not an uncommon guest request, we’ve developed a presentable pillow which includes a portion of firm 3D foam wrapped in silky-soft polyester fibres to create a ‘firm-feel’ supportive sleeping pillow.

  • 18 Plastic Bottles have been recycled to produce this product.

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