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  • Profile: Medium loft
  • Weight: 900gms
  • Size: Euro 65 x 65cm
  • Filling: microfiber
  • Outer: 100% cotton cover includes durable double hem stitching
  • Allergy: hypo-allergenic
  • Care: Use a pillow protector, gentle warm or cold wash only if required
  • Sustainability: Made from 23 recycled bottles
  • Carton Qty: x15
  • Hospitality Rating: 5 Star

Euro Pillow - 900g

SKU: BD2375
  • Euro pillows are a showstopper and used as a statement of indulgence and style or the finishing touch to the luxury look you want to achieve on the bed. Practical too, guests use them as back support when sitting up to read the last chapter before lights out for the night!

  • 23 Plastic Bottles have been recycled to produce this product.

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