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  • Profile: Medium loft - soft
  • Weight: 900gms
  • Size: Standard 46 x 72cm
  • Filling: long-life, pre-crimped, siliconized grade-A microfiber
  • Outer: 100% premium japara cotton cover includes durable double hem stitching & piping
  • Allergy: hypo-allergenic, down alternative
  • Care: Use a pillow protector, gentle warm or cold wash only if required
  • Sustainability: Made from 23 recycled bottles
  • Carton Qty: x15
  • Hospitality Rating: 4-5 Star

Dream Pillow - 900g

SKU: BD2370
  • Our most popular and highly rated and requested pillow by guests - the hypo-allergenic, down alternative, medium loft Dream 900grm pillow.


    We often get asked … “What is your most popular sleeping pillow?”

    Without hesitation it’s the duck-down alternative, hypo-allergenic Dream 900gm!  Of medium loft, pliable and soft in nature you’re able to wrangle this pillow to suit your sleeping position and wake up feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to face the day!  It’s no wonder the Dream 900gm is the most highly rated and requested pillow by guests staying in hotels.  And you will rate the quality, it's great look on the bed and how it holds its shape for longer.

  • 23 Plastic Bottles have been recycled to produce this product.

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