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  • Profile: Medium loft
  • Weight: 550gms
  • Size: Standard 44 x 70cm
  • Filling: microfiber
  • Outer: low-cost non-woven polypropylene cover
  • Allergy: hypo-allergenic
  • Care: Use a pillow protector, gentle warm or cold wash only if required
  • Sustainability: Made from 15 recycled bottles
  • Carton Qty: x20
  • Hospitality Rating: 2-3 Star

Backpacker Select Pillow - 2 Pack

SKU: BD2315pk
  • This is a basic sleeping pillow, often selected for budget accommodation such as backpacker hostels, youth camps or temporary seasonal worker stays. Not a long-life pillow with its non-woven polyester cover, non-the-less a great option for a cheap sleep!

  • 2 x 14 Plastic Bottles have been recycled to produce this product.

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